Things to do in Sydney

It is one of the world’s most multicultural cities with its population made up of people from more than 120 countries. In Sydney there are wonderful restaurants offering a whole range of international cuisines and specialist shops to source particular ingredients for the home cook.

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Things to do in regional NSW

Regional communities are welcoming and friendly, the pace of living is slower and an added bonus is the cost of living is generally lower than in urban centres.

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Transport and climate

Students will typically travel to school by bus, train, bicycle or walking. International students studying in a NSW government school are entitled to half fare concession on public transport when travelling to and from school.

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Health and safety

The NSW climate lends itself to a healthy, active lifestyle, with opportunities for various outdoor activities including hiking, surfing, running, tennis and other individual and team sports.

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Events and festivals

All year round, you will find events and festivals in Sydney, on the coast, in the mountains, in western NSW and in the outback.

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Accommodation options

There are three accommodation options available for students enrolled in the International Students Program and Study Abroad program.

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