School life

A typical school day

School hours are generally from 8.45am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday. In a typical school day, there are five to eight lessons, ranging from 40 minutes to one hour. There are two breaks in the school day – a morning tea break (recess) and a lunch break, both of which are supervised by teachers.

Students usually bring their own morning tea and lunch to school or purchase their meals at an additional cost from the school canteen.

Students are expected to attend school every weekday and daily attendance records are kept. Strict attendance is an important condition of the student visa.


NSW government schools require students to wear a uniform. Schools will provide you with information about their uniform requirements at enrolment. A school uniform usually costs between A$250 and A$300 depending on the number of items bought.

School Assessment and Academic Progress

School assessments and homework are an important part of the school program. Students may be required to complete assignments, oral presentations and examinations which contribute to their final grades.

These assessments help teachers to evaluate academic progress and prepare reports for parents.


Learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. Schools organise subject specific excursions (for example, a visit to the art gallery, museum or zoo) which provide practical field experiences. Excursions are an important and compulsory part of the school curriculum.


Sport is offered during school hours once a week. Sporting events such as athletics and swimming carnivals help to develop team spirit and good sportsmanship skills.