Transport and climate

Students should live within a reasonable travel distance to their school. Students will typically travel to school by bus, train, bicycle or walking.
International students studying in a NSW government school are entitled to half fare concession on public transport when travelling to and from school.
International students who have requested a homestay placement must be met at the airport upon arrival by a chauffeur service, organised by the homestay company arranging placement, and taken directly to their homestay family.

Trips and tours

Students under the age of 18 are only permitted to travel long distances when accompanied by their parents or approved carer during a scheduled school holiday period.

Tours for students under 18 years to select locations around Australia are arranged by tour operators or education agents registered with the department. Students must not book independent tours that have not been approved by the department.

How to get around in Sydney

Sydney has an excellent public transport system including trains, buses, trams (light rail) and ferries.
Students can access the public transport system using an Opal card. The Opal card is a smartcard ticket that you load value onto and keep for travel on all public transport in the greater Sydney area. You can buy an Opal card from an Opal card retailer or  order online. Visit the Opal card website to find out more information.
Search for travel times, routes and how to get places on the Transport NSW website.

How to travel outside Sydney

Regional transport

Students travelling to a regional area in NSW will need to either fly into Sydney international airport or Brisbane Airport and transfer to the domestic terminal for a connecting flight to their regional location.

Each regional city or town in NSW has its own transport services. Students living in regional areas should expect to travel a little farther to get to school than in the city. Go to the Transport NSW website for further information.


New South Wales (NSW) has a clean and pleasant climate throughout the year, allowing an active, outdoor lifestyle. The average temperature in NSW in summer is 28°C in winter is 18°C. Sydney is the capital city of NSW. Since Australia is in the Southern hemisphere, our Summer is the opposite to the Northern hemisphere. Summer is from December to February and Winter is from June to August.