Ongoing support during your stay

Student Welfare Focus

Our schools are dedicated to creating positive and enriching learning environments where students can achieve their potential. Access to a wide support network of teachers and support staff ensures students settle into their new school quickly and easily.

International Student Coordinator

Each school has a dedicated and caring international student coordinator who is the first point of contact for international students. The coordinator will conduct orientation programs, introduce students to key staff at the school and provide ongoing support throughout the enrolment process at school.

Year Adviser

Each academic year is assigned a year adviser who monitors the academic progress of all students in that year. The year adviser works closely with the school’s learning and support team and classroom teachers to help students achieve academic success.

Careers Adviser

The careers adviser provides guidance to students in areas such as subject selection, career planning, selecting appropriate tertiary study options and preparation for entering the workforce.

English Language Support

Specialist teachers provide ongoing assistance to students during their enrolment in a high school. They teach students the English language and literacy skills needed in all subjects.

Bilingual Staff

Many of our schools have bilingual staff who will be able to communicate with parents and carers in their own language.

Learning And Support Team

This team looks after students’ welfare. They help students to settle into their school and assist with any personal or study related issues. The head teacher looks after the well being of all students and the team provides guidance and support as required. All matters discussed will be treated confidentially.