The IELTS Face-off comes to Sydney

DE International recently welcomed popular Vietnamese television program IELTS Face-off to Sydney. The IELTS Face-off team visited some NSW government schools, where they toured the facilities and interviewed students and staff.

The video produced during the visit has now been shared on the IELTS Face-off YouTube channel and provides a great opportunity to see inside our schools.

The video shows how an international student’s education journey progresses, from improving their English at an Intensive English Centre (IEC), through to studying at a mainstream high school.

IECs, such as Central Sydney Intensive English High School, which features in the video, teach English through the curriculum, enabling students to continue with their maths, science and other subjects, while developing the English language skills they need to succeed.

Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus is also featured and viewers are able to see how specialised classroom facilities support learning in different subjects. They way students move between classrooms, depending on the subject is likened to the system in a university.

The video allows us to hear first-hand accounts from current and former students, including Mr Tran Trung Hau, who was awarded the School Service Award at the 2019 NSW Government Schools International Student Award Ceremony. Mr Tran shares his  experience pursuing his academic and personal endeavours in the supportive environment of a NSW government school.

We also hear from Ms Chang Liu, the International Student Coordinator at Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus, who discusses the importance of her role providing in-class and individual support to international students, including assisting with the transition from an IEC, improving their study skills and helping with any wellbeing issues.

Thank you to the IELTS Face-off team for visiting Sydney and our NSW government schools!