Tuition fees payment scam alert

Several parents have been targeted by a tuition fees payment scam.

In this scam, parents receive a call from a company offering discounts on household bills, such as utilities, rent or tuition fees.

DE International does not offer any discounts on tuition fees and any company offering to provide a discount on your school tuition fees is fraudulent.

Features of a tuition fee payment scam

  • A scam company, using the name of a genuine company, offers to pay bills, such as utilities, education fees or rent, on behalf of parent with a discount or commission.
  • The parent pays the tuition fees to the scam company.
  • The scam company uses credit card information stolen from other individuals to make the payment.
  • The parent is of the belief their bills are paid at first but the payment is later found to be fraudulent and reversed.
  • The parent needs to make the payment directly to DE International and may not be able to recover the funds paid to the scam company.

Please contact us via or call us in on 1300 300 229 (Option 2) if you are in Australia, or +61 9244 5555 (Option 2) if you are outside Australia, with any questions or concerns.