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Arthur Phillip High School

Arthur Phillip High School is a city school located right in the heart of the new Parramatta business and education precinct. The school population is diverse with more than 90% of students coming from non-English speaking backgrounds. 2020 will see the school move into a multi-storey, high-rise school. The school is 17 storeys with 6 home bases, 3 specialist floors and features emerging technologies for our students to embrace a future-focused learning agenda.

3 Reasons To Choose This School

  1. Collaborative, future focused learning
  2. Close to retail and transport hub
  3. Diverse academic, arts & sporting programs

English as a second language

  • ESL courses taught through English
  • Specialised facilities for individualised support
  • Learning support teaching team
  • Before/after school assistance

Student support services

  • Dedicated student welfare team
  • Learning support team
  • Peer support program
  • Student Representative Council

Special programs

  • Music programs (ensembles/ bands/choir)
  • Robotics/engineering/science club
  • Gifted and talented programs
  • Debating/public speaking club
  • After school homework club

Special facilities

  • Dance performance studio
  • Modern science laboratories
  • Commercial kitchens for hospitality students
  • Modern gym facilities
  • Industrial arts rooms (timber/graphics)

Languages taught

  • French

School achievements

Students at APHS consistently achieve outstanding results in the HSC. International students are nominated each year for the prestigious International Student Awards for their academic achievements.

Local area features

Multicultural Parramatta combines a buzzing commercial area with a developing art and film scene. There is Westfield, Parramatta mall, trendy bars and Church Street’s global eateries. Families and tourists explore Parramatta Park’s riverside cycle paths and historic colonial sites.


Macquarie Street
Parramatta, Sydney NSW 2150



School Population


From Sydney Centre



CRICOS Provider Name: NSW Department of Education I CRICOS Provider Code: 00588M

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