Information for Students and Parents

Overview of the Secondary Student Exchange program

What is the main focus of a student exchange program?

The purpose of student exchange is to engage in study and experience a new culture. Secondary student exchange participants must enrol as full-time students at a recognised secondary institution in a recognised course of study.

Can I choose a specific school or location in NSW and determine my own course of study?

This may not be possible through a student exchange. If you wish to select a school and a course of study in NSW, the NSW Department of Education provides a range of programs such as Study Abroad and Study Tours.

What countries can I visit as a secondary exchange student?

The most popular overseas destinations for Australian exchange students are USA, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Spain and Argentina, although choices are not limited to these countries.

How much do student exchange programs cost?

The cost of a student exchange varies. Charges are determined by registered student exchange organisations.

List of registered NSW Student Exchange Organisations

Only registered organistions are permitted to offer student exchange programs to/from NSW and programs offered must meet the enrolment requirements of the NSW Secondary Student Exchange Program.

Please note that student particpation in other programs run by the listed organisations (e.g. cultural or linguistic immersion programs) cannot receive school approval under the auspices of the Secondary Student Exchange Program. 

Student Exchange Organisations registered in NSW*:

Schools (providing exchange programs for students enrolled in the school):

* SEO registration is subject to ongoing compliance with state and national guidelines and this list is therefore subject to change.

Frequently asked questions on Secondary Student Exchange

Can I arrange a 'private' student exchange if I know of a host family and school I want to go to?

No. Student exchange programs in NSW can only be organised through a registered exchange organisation. The NSW Department of Education provides a range of international student programs that might meet your needs.

What is the minimum and maximum duration for a secondary student exchange in NSW?

The minimum period for a secondary student exchange in NSW is three months or one school term for inbound students and 10 weeks for outbound students. The maximum duration for both inbound and outbound students is one year.

How do I know if my child will be safe while on a student exchange program?

Individuals should only deal with registered secondary student exchange organisations. Registration requires compliance with NSW child protection procedures, host family screening, safe and supervised travel, adequate accommodation standards and emergency contact procedures.

Who do I contact regarding my satisfaction/dissatisfaction with a specific student exchange?

In the first instance, contact should be made with the exchange organisation. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, contact should then be made with DE International.