Information for Student Exchange Organisations

The NSW Registration Committee for International Secondary Student Exchange is the official state regulation body and is responsible for:

Guidelines and forms

The ‘Guidelines for the Operation of International Secondary Student Exchange Program in New South Wales’ were endorsed by the NSW Registration Committee for International Secondary Student Exchange in November 2015 for operation within NSW from January 2016.

Australian based organisations and NSW government and non-government schools can apply to be registered as student exchange organisations within NSW using the application form below.

A requirement of the National Guidelines 2018 is that student exchange organisations must notify the Registration Committee before a student leaves on an outbound exchange. Organisations should complete the NSW Outbound Register (xls 43 KB)  and email it to

NSW follows the National Guidelines for International Secondary Student Exchange These guidelines state 'SEOs must ensure that Criminal Record Checks, or relevant Working with Children Checks, are undertaken for all its officers, employees and volunteers in direct personal contact with students or with access to students’ personal records or information, in accordance with the relevant state / territory or country requirements.'

A new NSW Working With Children Check was introduced in 2013

Under this check:

  • Workers and volunteers will apply for their own Check once every five years
  • Employers will verify a child-related worker's or volunteer's clearance number
  • The same Working With Children Check will apply to everyone – paid workers, self-employed people and volunteers
  • Everyone with a clearance will be continuously monitored for serious sex or violence offences.

You can email your enquiries about the new Working With Children Check to or call 02 9286 7276.